About Museum

The Fort Douglas Military Museum was registered by the Center for Military History as an official museum of the U.S. Army Museum System on 8 August 1974 with the date of establishment being 10 August 1974.  The commander of Fort Douglas had initiated the request on 29 January 1974.

In January 1975, the Fort Douglas Military Museum Association began its charter membership drive and on 18 June 1975, the Association was incorporated. Renovation of Building 32 also began in June of that year.

The Museum was dedicated on 26 October 1975 and officially opened on 14 May 1976.  The sponsoring headquarters was the 96th Army Reserve command (ARCOM).

In 1981, Major General Michael Kauffman initiated a fund raising drive to develop the Cannon Park and statue of Major General Patrick E. Connor.  This project was completed in 1986.

The Museum received certification from the Center of Military History on 3 November 1986.  As a result of the Fort turn-over to the University of Utah in late 1988, the Museum came under the sponsorship of the Utah National Guard, where it remains today.

In addition to Building 32, buildings 31 and 55 were also identified as part of the Museum complex.  Both of the buildings are part of the current Museum operations.  In addition, building 35, located to the south of the Museum, has been under license from the US Army Reserve since 2003.

In 2000, a complete review was made of the facilities and exhibits and it was determined that a major renovation and expansion was needed.  As a result, a $6 million plan was developed.  As of this date, an additional 6,000 square feet for a new main gallery and collection storage space has been built and the existing electrical and HVAC systems have been replaced in the historical buildings. In 2013, the Memorial Park, consisting of the Utah Fallen Warrior Memorial and the Women's Service Memorial were opened.



​1975-1977     MAJ John Bourne (volunteer curator)

1977-1979     Mr. Jerry Magahn (curator)

1979-1980     CPT (ret) Bob Van Ieperan (curator)

1980-1988     SGM 9ret) Don Devere (curator)

1988-1989     Capt (ret) "Red" Gilmore (association president)

                        CPT (ret) Bob Van Iperen (temporary curator)

1989-1999     Mr. Jess McCall (curator)

1999-present COL (ret) Robert Voyles (director)

2000-2007     Mr. Rulon "Jay" Nielson (curator)

2007-2012     Mr. Ephriam Dickson III (curator)

2013-present Mr. Beau Burgess (curator)